The idea of Antlerworld came from a company called Cuchilleria El Abuelo. We were knife manufacturers and handled deer antlers, buffalo horns, ram, cow, natural woods etc. for knife handles. Similarly natural vegetable tunned leathers for knife sheaths. 

We are in the world of buying and selling of antlers, horns, woods and leathers. A significant part of our business includes the export of deer antlers worldwide. 

Deer antlers are used as ingredients for traditional Chinese medicine in Asia, as well as raw material for the manufacture of furniture and handcrafted decor worldwide. From this experience we learnt that antlers are nutritionally rich and beneficial, and are also a durable material. And, therefore, are excellent dog chew toys.  

Perro mordiendo un mordedor de madera de olivo para perros, 100% natural y de la máxima calidad de Antlerworld

all our


are 100%


All Antlerworld deer antlers come from the natural shed of the animal. 

Our products are safely derived and processed in compliance with veterinary and quality requirements.

Antlerworld’s philosophy is to provide pets a better life with natural dog chew toys and snacks, creating a greener habitat, environmentally friendly and caring for the health of our furry friends. 

We are constantly expanding our range of pet chew toy products 

As soon as we have new products, it will be advertised here. 



our company uses

solar energy

We care about the environment. Our processes are carried out using solar energy to take care of our planet.